Everyone Can Enjoy Gardening

There is something about gardening that is undeniably satisfying that’s hard to describe to someone who’s not green-fingered. You can be planting, cutting, sowing or digging back your shrubs and pulling up weeds. No matter what you’re doing to the garden, it’s always a worthwhile experience.

Some people worry that it’s too complicated for them to get involved but the reality is it’s one of the simplest things there is. Nature managed for a long time before man came along. We just try to make things grow bigger and faster.

pretty gardenThe basics of gardening are that a plant needs soil, light warmth and water to grow and so long as you are able to provide these in more or less the right quantities your plants will grow.

So, if you are unsure about gardening read some more articles and learn about gardening but don’t be scared to give it a try. It is fun and very satisfying growing your own plants and vegetables.

Some pieces of equipment and tools we use all the time are so incredibly basic that we hardly give them much thought. One such tool is the humble garden spade.

classic spadeIt may not be anything special to look at but the spade is probably the most essential piece of gardening equipment you can possibly own. Take a good hard look at the spade used today and it will not be very different from the spade a gardener might have used 200 years ago.

Some cheap, low quality versions may have a broken plastic handle and weigh a lot less than its ancestors but it looks virtually identical as it did all those years ago. Modern manufacturing processes and designs have upgraded the materials used for the handle, blade and shaft but the classic shape has stayed throughout the ages because it is such an effective design.

Next time you’re going at it with the latest high tech gizmo, making the most of the advances in technology our society has provided us… take a moment to think back to where it all started, and appreciate the journey gardening has taken through the ages.